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When is it the “Right” Time to Move?

When is it the “Right” Time to Move?

  • 08 Oct 2018
  • Meg Georkas

We’ve all had the feeling of outstaying our welcome. Maybe at a sleepover or a weekend visit with friends. Staying with family over Christmas can be interesting or even as a young adult and getting the not so subtle hint that it’s time to find your own place to live.

Sometimes you can even feel like this in your own home. Home owners and renters alike know the feeling of “I think it’s time to move on”. There may not be a tangible reason; just an inkling that maybe something better, newer, bigger, smaller, easier or even harder (think renovation) could be around the corner or across the state.

So how do you know if you really need to move? Well let’s think about the obvious.

Have you run out of room? Could this problem be fixed by having a good clean up and a garage sale? Do you love your neighbourhood? Is it worth extending?

Is the house too big? When the kids have grown up and moved out and the bedrooms are empty should you sell or could this be a chance to earn some extra cash by renting out the extra rooms?

Is the house starting to fall down? Is it time for a major renovation and do you want to do it? Could it just need a facelift and some new landscaping?

Is the house no longer suitable for your health? That split level design was perfect when the kids were young but are you struggling with stairs now?

All these questions are discussed in our home regularly. At least once a month a conversation happens around our dinner table regarding selling and/or moving. Everybody has a strong opinion too. Do we want to sell? Not really, but it’s so much fun thinking about it and looking for the next possible address and it’s always good to be ready just in case!


Opinions are those of Meg Georkas and may not reflect those of others.

2/8 Yeomans Road

Peter stuck with us!
Peter’s support and expertise were excellent and very appreciated. He went above and beyond time and time again to help our purchase go as smoothly as possible. Peter was extremely patient with both us and the vendor and there is no way the sale would have occurred without his professionalism, continual chasing and local knowledge. Thanks Peter!!
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- Wayne & Danielle - Buyer

37 Tabulum Road

Wonderful to work with
Peter was delighted to work with as well as going well and truly above and beyond. Peter not only made sure we had access to all the information we needed to make a decision but also helped us get settled moving to Armidale.
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- Brett & Jodie - Buyers

222 Galloway Street

Excellent service
I had a couple of stipulations along with my offer on a beautiful property. Peter helped me out and found a resolution that suited both the vendor and myself. I cannot wait to move in!
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- Pauline - Buyer

222 Galloway Street

My experience selling with Peter and his team
Peter and the HH team were extremely professional and enthusiastic. They were warm, friendly, and gave helpful advice. Peter was clear in his communication, gave me plenty of time when I had questions, and handled all negotiations with ease. It was an incredibly easy process for me and I am thrilled with the result.
They were particularly impressive given the COVID-19 crisis and the difficulties they faced listing and showing my property. They handled this tricky time with calm, grace, reassurance, and confidence.
Thank you!
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- Trish - Vendor