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The Devil is in the Detail

The Devil is in the Detail

  • 31 Jul 2017
  • Meg Georkas

You can fall in love with a property very quickly. You can even fall in love over the internet looking at your new house on a real estate site whilst lying in bed before you even turn up for an open house inspection. However, to make a good decision you need to consider everything about the property you are looking to buy.

Go and inspect the property on several occasions formally and informally at different times of the day, including on a weekend, and on a week night. Think about parking, noise, aircraft, neighbours, trees, dogs, floods and any planned council developments and building projects. Look for anything that is going to need to be repaired as you'll need to budget for that. If you let your love for a property cloud your analysis, you might not see what others see and that is going to cost you.

Formal Property Inspections

The property looks sound and solid so do you still need an expensive building inspection? The answer is Yes. An independent property inspection will reveal hidden future costs and reveal the full state of the building. It is advisable to have both a building and separate pest inspection carried out. A building inspection might, for example, highlight prior termite activity at the property but won't advise whether termites continue to be present.

If you are purchasing a strata property it is advisable to carry out a strata search where a consultant will examine and assess the interior and immediate exterior of the unit you are considering buying and also look at the records of the strata scheme.

Deciding on Type of Ownership

If you are buying the property with someone else, you will need to decide the type of ownership you will have. There are two types of shared ownership:

  • Joint Tenants, where the property is held by two or more people in equal shares. If one dies, his/her share goes to the survivors
  • Tenants in Common, where the property is held by two or more people in equal or unequal shares. If one dies, his/her share goes to a person named in his/her will.

Opinions are those of Meg Georkas and may not reflect those of others.

Absolutely Brilliant!

Peter comes as a highly recommended and well regarded sales agent. The first time you meet Peter you get a sense of professionalism and honestly that is invaluable when buying or selling a home. Peter's vast knowledge of the local area is clear from the onset, leaving you with no doubt that Peter is well versed in all the properties he sells. What we liked most about Peter was his honest and upfront approach; there are no surprises here, Peter is as he is described; personable, reliable, true to his word and extremely trustworthy. Thank you so much Peter for guiding us through our first home purchase.
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- Matthew (Buyer)

Efficient and Trustworthy

Peter from Hutchinson & Harlow Real Estate helped us to secure the home of our dreams in a efficient and speedy fashion. He was completely honest and trustworthy in his dealings with us and we can highly recommend Peter and his team whether you are buying or selling. Thank you Peter
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- Lynn & Martina (Buyer)

My experience with Peter as sales agent was as good as I expected!

Peter was very clear in what I could expect from the sale of my property. He explained any difficulties which might occur, as well as all possibilities. His knowledge and handling of all matters involved was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other clients.
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- Beryl (Vendor)

Excellent sales experience

Clear communication, helpful and always professional.
During the process of selling our home we felt supported.
The sale occurred more quickly and for the asking price so the presale assessment was very accurate.
Will be recommending Peter and his team to other people.
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- Maree & Terry (Vendor)