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The Minimalist Makeover

The Minimalist Makeover

  • 20 Nov 2017
  • Meg Georkas

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately professing the advantages of a minimalist lifestyle. Some ideas I get and I even agree with, but some ideas are way too extreme, even for me. I like my books and my cushions and my art work and my candles! But it has made me look at my own home with fresh eyes, which is exactly what you need to do when you’re selling.

The space we live in has a big impact on how we feel and how we interact with others. It also has a big impact on our selling price and how quickly a property can sell. The endless stream of TV programs such as The Block, Grand Designs Australia, Love It or List It, Selling Houses Australia, The Living Room  etc  all promise that a great home will mean a great life and the show hosts continually inspire us with their amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) room makeovers.

The trouble most of us face is deciding where to start and working out what can be achieved within a time frame and budget.

Here’s five simple ways you can transform your property to make your space more liveable and appealing and to create a perfect sale environment.


Paint is an amazingly simple and inexpensive way to achieve a dramatic transformation to your property. I cannot talk about paint enough. Painting a room also makes you clear a room out – a perfect way to start clearing the clutter.

Now you can repaint the same colour just to remove the signs of everyday living  or introduce a completely new colour scheme into the property. Don’t be afraid of colour, talk to the paint experts and get some ideas of latest colours and trends. You don’t have to go with bright “out there” colours but you could use just a little here and there. My last three homes have had exactly the same main colour throughout – I’m a creature of habit but each house has had a completely different look and style with different touches of colour.

Painting is also something that most people can have a go at themselves over the space of weekend. Did I hear you suggest a painting party?


It’s a gardener’s best friend. Placing a fresh layer of mulch on your freshly weeded garden beds and pots can make the yard and outdoor spaces  look amazing. There are so many types to choose from. We are very lucky to have an awesome recycle and green waste centre through our council who sell mulch by the trailer and truck load. Sugar cane mulch and bark chip are also great mulch alternatives and can be bought by the bag.

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

When we have lived in a home for a period of time we can become very familiar with and quite complacent in the spaces we live. So take a fresh look at your rooms. An easy exercise is to take all the accessories - cushions, lamps, rugs, artwork, photos,  ornaments etc from the living space in your home and place them all together on a table or the floor out of the way. Leave it all there for a day or two. Go through each item and really look at it and throw out (or recycle) anything that is broken or you don’t really love. Then start to rebuild each space using some different items to those that were originally in the space. Try not to put the same item back where it was originally. You’ll be amazed how different a room can look when it’s been changed around and freshened up and it hasn’t cost you a thing!

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings – cushions, rugs etc can often look a bit tired and worn due to everyday wear and tear. Breathe new life into them by giving them a thorough clean, throw out anything that is looking past it used by date. Add some new cushion covers and a throw to a living or bedroom that will add a new colour or texture. This is such an easy way to transform a room and can be done with minimal expense – check out the charity shops or have a swap with friends.

Light up the Dark

One of my biggest grumbles when photographing a property to sell, is lights and lamps that don’t work – it’s worse when they don’t even have a bulb! Light is necessary to create a welcoming and comfortable space. Light evens out a area and can transform a room. Seriously guys fix up your lights!

So that’s my five main makeover ideas that you will find in every single house transformation on TV.

I have included a few of books that I’ve read that I would definitely recommend.  Please let me know if you have a favourite or if there’s a book you would recommend to me.

  • New Leaf New Life – Dawna Walter (this is the book that started it all)
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying – Marie Kondo (worth a read but I can’t say I’m a follower)
  • Essential – Essays – The Minimalists: Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus
  • Slow – Brooke McAlary
  • The Interior Design Bible – Ideal Home
  • Sanctuary – House & Garden
  • Any issue of Ideal Home magazine

Opinions are those of Meg Georkas and may not reflect those of others.

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