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Setting the right price for your property

Houses sell quickly when they are priced and presented correctly at the outset. Getting it wrong may cost you time and money because it ruins the initial marketing edge.

Setting the right price at the start is critical. The price at which your home will sell is not set by the agent; it is a reflection of 'true market value'.

As your chosen agency, it is our responsibility to provide sufficient information about properties that have sold in the area, and a realistic assessment of your home to enable you to make an informed decision about its value.


Our customised marketing packages

It is important for all of our people to see your home so each can relay accurate information to buyers.

To ensure your home stands out from all the rest we will discuss a marketing package that is customised to best suit your needs, using all or some of the following tools.

Referrals and Our Unique In-house Database

The largest portion of the HH Real Estate business is generated by our satisfied clients; people we have dealt with before and are known to us.

We have an extensive database of buyers and sellers active in our regional market. This database has total interactivity with our website and is used as an immediate communication tool ensuring no leads are missed.


The HH Real Estate website is linked to our inhouse database and updated daily. Details of homes listed on the website can be emailed immediately to prospective buyers.

Window Display

Your home will feature in our bright window at 103 Dangar Street. Prospective buyers and passers-by enquire daily about homes on display.


Our large, colourful signs stand out all over the city and enquiries confirm that they are readily identified by 'cruising' buyers.

Open Homes

We do not always recommend this promotion strategy. While they give good exposure, and bring interested people together, personal inspections with qualified buyers are, in our opinion, preferable. This has been the foundation of our success. However, if you feel that you would like an open house event, we are more than happy to discuss this.

Presenting your home for sale

How to ensure you sell your home more quickly ... and for a better price.

The first impressions that a prospective buyer gets of your home (inside and outside) greatly affect the sales outcome ... so make sure that you get it right first time!

When you've lived somewhere for several years, you may not notice important things about your home that others will see. You need to take a fresh look ... pretend you're the one coming to inspect. Of course, you don't want to spend truckloads of money getting things ready but there are simple things you can do to maximise your chances of a quick sale at the best possible price.

These tips will get you started ...

  • Put some flowering pot plants in strategic places around the garden or the house entrance, it will add immediate colour and interest
  • Hose down the front of the house and make sure you clear all cobwebs and leaves from around the eaves
  • Clear all clutter from cupboards and shelves to give a feeling of space


These are just some examples … for more ideas drop into the office and pick up a copy of our detailed colour brochure, which has 25 practical tips on how to 'Set Up Your Home For Sale'..